Over the years, accountants, artists, marketers, psychologist, a neuroscientist, a captain of luxury yachts, chefs in 5 star restaurants, environmentalists, engineers, fashion designers, pharmacists, doctors, managers, IT specialists.

Students of accountancy, advertising, architecture, business management, culinary arts, drama, engineering, environmental science, film making, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, medicine, real estate. We take ambitious people. You’ll certainly find someone interesting.

Everything: electricity, water, wi fi, common area cleaning every day, fully equipped tenant kitchen with gas for cooking, tenant lounge with premium DStv,  your personal set of quality crockery and cutlery, handwash in every shower and toilet, 2 ply toilet paper, Sunlight dish wash liquid for when you wash up on the weekends. Here’s hoping.

The only item we don’t include is bedding and even this we can offer: pure cotton sheets, duck down duvets and pillows, at a small extra cost. And food.

We require a deposit equal to one month of the rent amount of your chosen room and lease period. The deposit must be paid before we can hand over your keys.

In times of high demand, you will have to pay the deposit to secure a room even though you have not yet arrived in Cape Town.

Uncapped fibre. We cannot guarantee the speed of your online activity over our wi fi. If many tenants simultaneously use it, downloading who knows what, it will slow down.

If you intend to work from home (and bear in mind, we are NOT a satellite office for your employer to save money), or to attend online lectures, you must have a back up mobile data plan if your connectivity and download/ upload speed is critical. During load shedding, we have no connectivity.

Taxis 50 meters on Albert Road (aka Lower Main Road) costs R10 to various useful places.

Salt River train station is 200 meters from us –  it will be useful when the trains start running again!

A MyCiti bus from outside Salt River train station costs between R8 and R10 to CPUT front door.

The frequent and good quality Golden Arrow buses mostly on Victoria Road (aka Upper Main Road) R10 to CPUT. In opposite direction to UCT probably the same.

The Jammie shuttle is free for UCT students. A scheduled Jammie shuttle bus station is 1.2 kms from us. Walk there and back. You’ve done your exercise for the day.

Only your bedding,  some 2 pin wall plugs, possibly an extension lead. And personal cleaning stuff – see the next point.

The Monday to Friday housekeeping service is for all common areas. On weekends we have a short service for the kitchen and lounge and toilets. But you’re generally expected to keep the kitchen and common areas clean. You’re also responsible for your room.

Buy a dustpan and broom, the cleaning stuff you need for yourself. Please, no open/ unsealed food in your room. Cockroaches and rats  have a keen sense of smell.

Not allowed in bedrooms. The tenant kitchen is fully equipped: gas hobs, all utensils. If something is missing, ask for it. There’s a full size gas baking oven for cakes, biscuits, roasts. The professional and student chefs use it. Be kind to the chefs. You never know what may end up on your plate.

Everything. The tenant lounge has full premium DStv. Its the most sociable place apart from the courtyard.

Entry is with electronic tag plus biometric – no fingerprint on system, no entry. We’re linked to 24 hour Chubb armed response. We have CCTV cameras inside and outside the building.

NO smoking inside the building. Its a smoke free building, smoke detectors in every room, in all common areas. We have an inner courtyard for smokers. And braais. You will be fined R500 for each time you are discovered smoking indoors.

Alcohol is allowed within reason and ESPECIALLY with respect to fellow tenants, many of whom are studying for serious exams or getting up early for serious work (noise always seems to be an automatic by-product of alcohol consumption.)

Not to say if you often drink into the early hours, you’re not serious. But it would be difficult to believe. AND not to mention a surrounding Muslim neighbourhood.

With pleasure, 2 at a time and within reasonable hours. You must be with them: if you leave, they must leave with you. See our House Rules in the T’s and C’s,  you’ll be signing these.

Yes, but you’re charged for their stay over. Please remember, this is not a self-contained apartment rented by you. Its a building with shared amenities. Regular paying tenants are understandably annoyed if they’re in a rush to get to work or to class, and a bathroom is occupied by a non-paying visitor.

Straightforward with most bursary and student loan providers. For NSFAS, your educational institution will send you the forms for NSFAS “Private Accommodation” – we are not officially accredited by NSFAS but we’ve had a number of NSFAS students.

We will advise you on all the steps for NSFAS and private accommodation.

Our shared room prices fall within NSFAS limits but the shared rooms are quickly taken.

If an NSFAS bursary student takes a single room, the difference between our single room rent and the NSFAS payment, must be paid by you.

Please note that the NSFAS bursary for accommodation does not cover deposits – the deposit must be paid by you.